You might want to wonder if your cat is simply ignoring you if they aren’t responding to you calling them.

Researchers have demonstrated that cats can recognize their owner’s voice through a series of tests on 16 domestic cats. When their owners speak to them instead of another person, they also act differently.

The cats in the study would frequently freeze at the sound of a familiar voice, their tails flicking, eyes blinking, or ears twitching—but only when the speaker’s voice was in a register reserved for a cutesy fluff ball with tiny paws and a large tum-tum.

The cats appeared to detect the conversation wasn’t directed at them if the owner spoke in their regular human voice.

When speaking to babies or animals, people frequently use higher-pitched, brief utterances with repeating noises. For instance, it has been demonstrated that dogs can discern the tone and meaning of their owner’s voice.

In fact, studies conducted in 2017 and 2018 revealed that “dog language,” such as “Who’s a good boy?” is much sufficient to get the dog’s attraction more than other human talking

According to earlier studies, people employ a certain register while speaking to their cats, adding more sensuous or “breathy” elements to convey warmth and proximity. (However, it’s unclear whether cats even like it.)

Cats can distinguish between speech that is intended at other humans and speech that is expressly addressed to them, just like dogs can.

However, this was only accurate when a cat’s owner spoke the sentences. The animal showed little attention when a stranger spoke in the same cat-directed methods. They merely carried on with their regular business.


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