According to a recent study, cats can tell when their human friends are speaking to them.
I’ve got terrible news if you blame your cat’s tendency to ignore you on the fact that she doesn’t understand when you’re speaking to her. It’s possible that she’s not really into you.

According to recent French research, your cat is certainly aware of your conversations with her. According to the study, cats react differently when their human friends speak to them directly compared to when they hear sounds belonging to strangers or even their owner speaking to someone else.

Université Paris Nanterre’s Charlotte de Mouzon, a specialist in animal behavior and cognition, led a team that studied 16 cats to examine how they reacted to prerecorded samples of both their friends and strangers speaking in both “cat-directed tones” and more conversational tones.

The cats appeared to be able to distinguish between their owners’ chatty voices and that of other persons. Whether or not they spoke in tones distinct from those directed at fellow humans, they also didn’t seem to react significantly to strangers.

While the study’s results are based on a small sample, it adds to a growing body of evidence that even cats, who can sometimes come off as aloof, can recognize and bond with their owners. the research was released in the journal Animal Cognition.

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Though if your cat is distant, there is cause for hope. The study sample size might not be sufficient to adequately represent all cats, according to the authors.

The study is also based on earlier studies that looked at how animals reacted to people speaking to them in different tones when they are talking to animals, babies, or other non-human beings.


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