Police were called to a multimillion dollar property in Silicon Valley on Thursday morning after hearing rumors that a hidden car had been found during landscaping work.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the $15 million property in the Atherton area was constructed in 1990. The five-bedroom, seven-bath house was bought in March 2020 by angel investor Christal Condon Saab and her husband, Meta software engineer Paul Saab.

As a precaution, the homeowners called the police and said that contractors digging up the backyard for a landscaping job came upon the car while working in the back yard, according to KTVU. The car, according to a contractor at the premises, was a Mercedes.

Authorities did not disclose how they arrived at that decision, but police claimed that the car was buried four to five feet underground sometime in the 1990s. They noticed that the car was filled with dirt inside and had some empty sacks of concrete.

Authorities brought cadaver dogs to the location to investigate because they didn’t know why the car was buried. According to the police, the dogs discovered a suspected human remains trace.

According to Daniel Larsen, the commander of the Atherton Police, no remains have been found as of yet, according to the New York Post.

The local crime lab was consulted to help with the vehicle’s excavation. Larsen reported that the car’s top had been discovered on Thursday night. He said that in order to preserve any potential evidence, investigators would need to properly clean the interior of the car; this process might take several days.

Authorities observed that the couple is not suspected because the car was buried before the present owners bought the house.


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