Vet reveals four breeds of cats he would never buy and explains the reasons why

A veterinarian by the name of Ben uploaded a video to TikTok detailing the five cat breeds he would never purchase due to their health problems. Bengals, Scottish Folds, and Persian cats are among of these.

A veterinarian has identified the four cat breeds he would never purchase and provided an explanation.

The specialist published a video on TikTok under the handle, which went viral.

In the video, Ben claimed that the four breeds he mentioned were just those he would not purchase; however, he added that he would be open to adopting the cats if they were in need of rescue.

Additionally, he stated that the video is based on his professional judgment as a veterinarian and that other people are not required to adopt the cat breeds he lists.

In a rescue situation when they needed to be adopted, he said: “I say buy because that’s different and I would consider it.

The crosses between domestic cat breeds and a species of wild cat known as the Asian Leopard Cat, he claimed, make them “very wild.”

We typically concern that handling them might be quite dangerous. They require a lot of stimulation, are incredibly intelligent, and sadly, many families are simply not suitable for them.”

The doctor claimed that because he favors fluffy breeds, he would not get a Sphinx cat. (Photo by Reuters)
When the Sphinx was brought up, the vet responded that while he has “nothing against them” because they are “wonderful cats,” he likes to “cuddle a fluffy cat.”


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