Wedding ‘pet attendants’ can make more than $200 an hour doing things like dressing dogs in tuxedos and taking them on bathroom breaks on a couple’s big day

On the big day of a couple’s wedding, “pet attendants” can earn more than $200 per hour by undertaking tasks like dressing dogs in tuxedos and bringing them on toilet breaks.

Numerous couples enjoy having their pets attend weddings, which may be extremely lucrative for so-called “pet attendants.”

According to USA Today, wedding pet planners are in charge of seamlessly integrating a couple’s pets, mostly dogs, into their wedding. This job can pay up to $200 per hour.

They are responsible for a variety of tasks, such as transporting the dogs to the wedding location, feeding them, exercising and playing with them to burn off energy before the ceremony, and providing them with behind-the-scenes potty breaks. Pet attendants for weddings may also dress the animals in attire and accessories at the couple’s discretion, such as tuxedos and flower collars, or watch over them while they follow instructions for walking down the aisle toward their paw-rents.

According to USA Today, some planners may get down with the couple before the gig and inquire about their dog’s demeanor, anxieties, or other traits that may be crucial to note for the big moment. To better understand what to anticipate when the pair arrives, others might walk the dog.

Amy Fiala, 42, of Austin, Texas, one of the wedding pet attendants, told the publication that she entered the industry following her own wedding in 2013, which included her Great Dane and Pomeranian.


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