Flossie, 26, of Orpington, was confirmed by Guinness World Records as the oldest cat, with a human equivalent age of 120 years.

Vicki Green, Flossie’s owner, described her as “an amazing cat” who settled in after being rehomed by Cats Protection.

Vicki described Flossie as deaf and blind, but still affectionate and playful.

“I knew Flossie was a special cat from the beginning,” Ms Green said.

“However, I never expected to share my home with a Guinness World Records holder.”

According to Guinness World Records, Flossie was living in a cat colony near a Merseyside hospital when two workers took pity on them and each adopted a cat.

The organization added that Flossie and the worker, a woman, lived together for 10 years until she died, and Flossie was taken in by her sister, who had Flossie for 14 years until she died as well.

She was eventually rehomed with Ms Green, who claimed to have experience caring for senior cats.

The oldest living cat is Flossie, but the oldest cat ever died in 2005.

Crème Puff, a cat, lived for an incredible 38 years before passing away. On the dog front, the current oldest living dog on record is Gino Wolf, who is 22 years and 2 months old. The previous record-holder, a terrier named Pebbles who was 22 years and 7 months old, died last month.


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