Sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t get to walk your dog during the day, but don’t worry! It is completely possible and safe to walk your dog after the sun has set.

Chances are, your dog has no idea what time it is and is eager to get outside and spend time with you.

However, there are some precautions you should take if you plan on walking at night. The most important thing is to make sure that cars can see you so that you don’t get into an accident. This is simple to achieve with reflective gear, which you can purchase for yourself and your dog online or at a pet store.

When going on night walks, you should think about a few things in addition to investing in reflective gear.

Continue reading to learn the tips and tricks I’ve picked up from walking my dogs after sunset over the years.

How to Take a Dog for a Night Walk
Wear reflective or light-up clothing.
Maintain a Leash on Your Dog and Plan Your Route Ahead of Time
Bring a headlamp or flashlight.
Check that your phone is fully charged.
Distractions should be avoided.
Keep an eye out for wildlife.
Invite a Friend!


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