According to scientists, the 16 million-person city needs to start preparing for an impending major earthquake.

Istanbul, Turkey’s capital city, should start making plans now for a significant earthquake that could occur at any time and mobilize all available funds to save lives and allocate the positive impact, according to experts.

As Turkey mourns the lives of tens of thousands of people in the country’s southeast a week ago, scientists who spoke with Al Jazeera claimed a massive earthquake is almost certainly going to strike the country’s largest megacity.

Polish policemen carry Ukrainian children evacuated from orphanages, in the Kyiv region, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as they are transported by buses to their temporary accommodation after arriving in Przemysl, Poland March 8, 2022. REUTERS/Kuba Stezycki


The magnitude 7.8 and 7.6 earthquakes on February 6 that were concentrated on the megacity of Kahramanmaras resulted in more than 00 deaths and 00 injuries.

According to the information we have, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 or greater is anticipated in Istanbul, Huseyin Alan, head of the Chamber of Geological Engineers, concurred.

The fault line beneath the Marmara Sea has the potential to generate two earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 7.0 at once, according to Ersoy. In addition to other bones, we observed this in the 1999 Kocaeli and Duzce earthquakes.

in the area during historical times.

In August 1999, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake that struck the western Marmara region of Turkey left at least 500 people dead. 845 people were killed when a magnitude 7.2 earthquake struck Duzce in November of that year.

There are numerous massive plates in the area where Turkey is located, and earthquakes are far more prone to occur near the borders between these plates.

The Marmara Sea, located south of Istanbul, is where the North Anatolian Fault splits the Anatolian and Eurasian plates.
Turkey’s deadliest earthquakes

Turkey has experienced multiple large earthquakes during the course of its history. The country’s deadliest earthquakes before the fatal February 6, 2023 tremors are highlighted in the graphic below.

What is attainable?

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